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Getting Started

Get registered as a service provider/freelancer or a service user/client. Explore a universe of services we’ve put right in front of you. The hardest part of a process is starting it. Why not get started already and make the process easier as you go?

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Service Supply and Demand

As a service provider, you’re entitled to your own market. You’re the supplier of the food on the food chain. Present your products the way you want the world to see, set your own prices and we’ll take care of marketing.

Clients and service users are definitely on demand for the best products and so, demand is on the high. As a client, you’re left to pick the service that best suits your taste and request from your choice of provider. Services are supplied whenever you want them.

Get Rewarded

Service providers get rewarded with the price of their products while the clients are rewarded with the best of services. Everyone goes to bed happy.

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We created a system that amplifies a service provider’s presence on the platform. Good ratings keep you at the very top of the food chain. Your delivery periods as well. Clients are allowed to give ratings and reviews on their experiences with a certain service provider. This gives him/her a certain edge on the platform. Well, when the ratings are marvelous!

Our Mobile Platform

Our main focus on the web is to target online service users, both clients and providers because it’s going to be tedious for you to get here and start booking reservations and services. What then did we do? We created a Mobile application for you. It houses everything; Online and In-Person (Booking & Requesting) services.

Do you know you can track your service clients/providers on a map while using the Mobile app? Now you do!

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